Mark III Angel Glider - (Final stages of construction)
Wood and iron support
Support covert in a layer of epoxy fiber for extra strength, the figurative bust is covered with several layers of cellophane wrap for protection.
A layer of plaster has been added and roughly sculpted, this will soon be covered in several layers of epoxy fiber and plastic.
Here is the finished  work. The last layers of epoxy fiber have been added, sanded and painted with several layers of varnish.
198x162x70 cm, 2005
Angel Glider is built around the idea of a pre historic Angel design.

Much in the same way as one model of car is replaced by another; Mark III Angel Glider is envisioned as one of the first Angel designs. Made for a time when a denser atmosphere and fast winds prevailed, allowing this Angel to rely on its gliding ability.

As the atmosphere changed the Mark III Angel Glider was perhaps replaced by the wider winged "
Feather Design", so well known today and depicted by many artists in recent centuries.